The UK’s first handmade gluten free snack box delivering healthy handmade surprises straight to your door. That’s what we do and we think you’re going to love it.

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We’re The Handmade Treat Company. But enough about us. Let’s talk about you.

Are you a coeliac or intolerant to wheat? Looking for healthier, delicious, gluten free snacks but tired of checking the labels on everything you eat? Look no further.

Handmade Treat Box is the monthly surprise gluten free snack box that lets you discover healthy, handmade gluten free treats. Whether you're just keen to eat a little healthier or you're looking for gluten free snacks, our boxes are for you.

Each box is a complete surprise until you open it. Yup, it's like getting a present every month. Imagine a selection of healthy handmade snacks and an added handmade beauty surprise thrown in – think invigorating soaps, luscious lip balms and exfoliating scrubs. Just cos’ we’re cool like that.

What's inside?

Every month, each box is carefully curated to make sure you receive a varied selection of nutritious yet mouth-watering treats (all gluten free of course). This ranges from handcrafted artisan chocolate and fudge, to cookies, crisps and cakes (to name only a few)! What makes us unique is that we also include a surprise well-being treat, ranging from natural handmade soaps and scrubs to other unique pieces we’re sure you’ll love.



Well, not only does everything taste better, it’s made with care.

As coeliacs, we know how easy it is for things to get mixed up in the production process. ‘Gluten free’ snacks made in factories are often produced alongside gluten containing food, which unfortunately can lead to contamination.  So your food isn’t really gluten free.

The solution? Handmade. Lovingly made in small batches by hand in a controlled gluten free environment means that we only pick real gluten free treats in our snack boxes.  So you can enjoy each bite of your treat knowing that we have done the worrying for you!


Good news! We’re making handmade affordable. Our boxes cost £14.99 (incl P&P) -  which for a healthy box of handmade gluten free surprises is pretty awesome.


Our mission is to help make the world a healthier, gluten free place. We want coeliac and gluten free dieters to look and feel fly all the time without having to worry about what’s in their snacks. And we’ve created the Handmade Treat Box to help do just that. It’s the monthly box that lets you discover the tastiest, most delicious gluten free snacks around. As an added cool factor, we try our best to source snacks that are also dairy free, vegan friendly and refined sugar free.

We do the hard work to find awesome gluten free treats you wouldn’t normally come across. Expect all kinds of brands from the big cats that sit on the health shop shelves down to the small cool independents you haven’t heard of - yet. All packed up in our Handmade HQ in a letterbox friendly package and delivered right to your door.